What’S With the Knob on Sneeboer Garden Hoes

If you’ve ever used a Sneeboer garden hoe, you may have noticed the knob on the end of the handle. Some people think it’s there for decoration, but it actually serves a purpose. The knob is used to keep the hoe from slipping out of your hand when you’re using it.

If you’ve ever used a Sneeboer garden hoe, you know that there’s a knob on the end of the handle. And you may have wondered, what’s with that knob? Well, it turns out that the knob is actually quite functional.

It’s there to help keep your hand from slipping off the end of the handle when you’re using the hoe. So if you’re ever wondering why there’s a knob on a Sneeboer hoe, now you know!

Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe

Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoes are the perfect tool for any gardener. They are made of high quality materials and craftsmanship, which makes them durable and long lasting. The blades on these hoes are sharp and can easily cut through grass and weeds.

The Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe is also lightweight, making it easy to use for extended periods of time.

Sneeboer Mattock

A Sneeboer mattock is a special type of gardening tool that is designed for breaking up and loosening soil. It is also useful for weed removal and other garden tasks. The Sneeboer company has been making high-quality gardening tools in the Netherlands since 1913, so you can be sure that their mattocks are built to last.

The head of a Sneeboer mattock is made from carbon steel, which gives it superior strength and durability. The head is also protected from rust by a coating of black paint. The handle is made from ash wood, which provides a comfortable grip while you work.

There are two types of Sneeboer mattocks: the standard model and the deluxe model. The standard model has a shorter handle, while the deluxe model has a longer handle that makes it easier to reach deep into the soil. Both models come with a leather sheath to protect the blade when not in use.

If you’re looking for a top-quality mattock to help with your gardening chores, then look no further than the Sneeboer Mattock!

Where to Buy Sneeboer Tools

If you’re looking for the best place to buy Sneeboer tools, look no further than Garden Tool Company. We offer a wide selection of Sneeboer tools at the most competitive prices around.

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Sneeboer is a family-owned business that has been making high-quality gardening tools since 1913.

Their tools are made from stainless steel and Dutch hickory, and they’re designed to last a lifetime. Garden Tool Company is the exclusive US distributor of Sneeboer Tools. We’ve been in business since 1996 and we’re dedicated to offering our customers the best possible service.

We offer free shipping on all orders over $100, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re not happy with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll make it right. So what are you waiting for?

Shop now and get your garden ready for spring!

Sneeboer Hand Fork

Sneeboer is a small, family-owned company in the Netherlands that has been making high quality garden tools for over a century. The Sneeboer Hand Fork is one of their most popular products, and for good reason. This fork is handmade from stainless steel, and features a narrow tine design that makes it perfect for weeding or working in tight spaces.

The ergonomic handle is made from sustainable beech wood, and is designed to reduce hand fatigue.

Sneeboer Usa

Sneeboer is a family-owned company that has been making high-quality garden tools in Holland since 1913. The company’s products are distributed in the United States by Sneeboer USA, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sneeboer garden tools are known for their durability, functional design, and elegant appearance.

The company’s signature product is its line of handcrafted stainless steel digging forks, which are made using traditional Dutch methods. Sneeboer also makes a wide variety of other gardening tools, including trowels, spades, rakes, hoes, and pruners. In addition to selling its own products, Sneeboer USA also distributes gardening tools from other European manufacturers.

These include De Wit Garden Tools (made in Holland), Clarington Forge (made in England), and Hozelock (made in France). If you’re looking for high-quality garden tools that will last a lifetime, check out Sneeboer USA. You won’t be disappointed!

Sneeboer Garden Tools

Sneeboer is a family-owned Dutch company that has been making high quality garden tools since 1913. Their tools are hand-forged from stainless steel and have a unique design that makes them both beautiful and functional. I have had the pleasure of using Sneeboer tools in my own garden, and can attest to their durability and effectiveness.

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If you are in the market for some new gardening tools, I highly recommend checking out Sneeboer. You won’t be disappointed!

Sneeboer Shovel

When it comes to gardening, few tools are as essential as a good shovel. And when it comes to shovels, Sneeboer is one of the best. Based in Holland, Sneeboer has been making high-quality gardening tools for over a century.

Sneeboer shovels are made from stainless steel and have a wide, sharp blade that makes digging and scooping easy. The handle is comfortable to hold and the overall design is built for durability. In other words, this is a tool that will last you for many years with proper care.

If you’re looking for a top-quality shovel to help with your gardening tasks, put Sneeboer at the top of your list. You won’t be disappointed.

Fine Garden Tools

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest when it comes to garden tools. But sometimes, the tried and true are the best. Here is a list of essential garden tools that will help you keep your garden looking its best:

1. Garden Hose – A good quality hose is a must for any gardener. Make sure to get one that is durable and can withstand being dragged around the yard. 2. Sprayer – This is useful for applying herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides.

Choose one that is comfortable to use and has adjustable settings. 3. Garden Shovel – A shovel is essential for digging holes for planting or moving mulch or soil around the garden beds. Look for one that has a comfortable grip and is the right size for your hands.

4. Garden Rake – A rake is necessary for leveling out soil or mulch, as well as removing debris from the garden beds. Get one with metal tines so it will be durable. 5 .

Hoe – A hoe is great for loosening compacted soil, as well as weeding gardens beds without damaging plants roots . Look for one with a sharp blade so it can make quick work of weeds .

What'S With the Knob on Sneeboer Garden Hoes

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How Do You Use a Diamond Hoe?

A diamond hoe is a tool that is used to till soil, break blocks of dirt and sand, and harvest various crops. It is also used to create pathways in grassy areas. The diamond hoe has a sharp blade that can cut through tough materials like stone or obsidian.

To use a diamond hoe, hold the right mouse button down while moving the cursor over the block or area you want to affect.

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How Do You Use a Royal Dutch Hoe?

A Royal Dutch hoe is a tool that is used to dig and loosen soil. It is also used to remove weeds from gardens and flower beds. The hoe has a long, straight handle with a blade at the end.

The blade is sharpened on both sides. To use the hoe, you hold the handle in one hand and the blade in the other. You then push the blade into the ground and pull it towards you.

How Do You Maintain a Spade?

Assuming you are talking about a garden spade: A garden spade is a tool that is used for digging, edging, and transplanting. It is important to maintain your spade so that it can continue to perform these tasks effectively.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a spade: -Sharpen the blade regularly. A sharp blade will make it easier to dig into the soil and will also help to prevent the spade from slipping.

-Clean the blade after each use. This will remove any dirt or debris that could potentially damage the blade. -Store the spade in a dry place.

If the spade gets wet, it could rust and become difficult to use.

Why is Garden Hoe Important?

A hoe is an important tool for any gardener, as it can be used for a variety of tasks. It can be used to dig holes for planting, remove weeds, and loosen soil. It is also useful for breaking up clumps of dirt and aerating the soil.

A hoe can make gardening much easier and more efficient, as it is a versatile tool that can perform many different tasks.

Pull Hoe by Sneeboer


Sneeboer garden hoes are well-known for their quality, but many people don’t know about the knob on the back of the hoe. This knob is actually a very important part of the design, and it serves two main purposes. First, it helps to keep your hand from slipping when you’re using the hoe.

Second, it provides a place for your thumb to rest when you’re not using the hoe, which helps to prevent fatigue.

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